I have participated in several research and industry related projects. During my PhD I have mainly been envolved in the PHENICX project. I have also been envolved in #MusicBricks, with “Sound in Translation” which was the winner of the incubation in the BCN Music Hack Day 2015.

  • PHENICX project: The main goal of this project is to make classical music concert performances come alive to broad audiences. I have mainly been working on a melody extraction method, a dataset and visualisation tool for melody extraction on symphonic music.
    • The method achieved best overall accuracy in MIREX 2015 on symphonic music, but also on other datasets containing rock, pop, jazz, and R&B music. It has also been evaluated in large datasets such as MedleyDB, achieving significant improvements over the state-of-the-art.
    • Results of my research have been integrated into a prototype.
    • The dataset has been used in MIREX, and is available for the community.
    • The tool allows online visualisation of (score-informed) melody information, including the pitches (related to the notes) and the instruments playing the melody.
  • Sound in Translation: This project started in the BCN Music Hack Day 2015, and won the incubation award from #MusicBricks. After 3 months of partial dedication, we created a prototype which I demoed in MTF Central 2015, MTF Berlin 2016, BLE Music 2016, and other events. More information in our website

Interested in other smaller projects, more information about the research or related publications?